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Being solely plant based distributors, we like to think that we can connect with our partner brands’ messaging and ethics. Therefore, we act as your local marketing arm in addition to distributing your products. We work closely with our partners to plan and execute relevant activities based on the seasons calendar.


Being the only plant based distributors, this give us credibility as well as specialist focus. Our on-ground sales team has over 20 years of experience and knowledge as well as possessing as vast network of vital stakeholders including major retailers, hotels, restaurants and logistics support.

Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution

We have a trusted network of logistic partners who are thoroughly vetted, ensuring that they are compliant with the proper international certifications and food safety laws and standards.


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London Office

1st Floor
Mappin House
Oxford Street, London


Dubai Office

Unit No:637,
Business Center Level No 1
Jewellery and Gemplex 3

Dubai, UAE